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The British Virgin Islands (BVI), also known as British overseas territory, is located in the eastern Caribbean Sea and Puerto Rico lies to its west. Featuring mountains, lagoons, coral reefs, stunning beaches, protected bays, calm tides, pirate ship bars and landlocked harbours, this group of islands gives an inviteto welcome tourists to explore it. Billionaires, yachties and travelers alike come to discover this quirky archipelago and its 50-plus isles. Here is what you must see, discover and enjoy in the British Virgin Islands.

Top Attractions of British Virgin Islands

  1. Anegada Island: It is the only coral island in the BVI. It is called a drowned island as it is surrounded by shallow water and remains the top place for diving. This untouched landscape has a slow-paced life but an abundance of low sea grape and loblolly. Not just diving, but you can enjoy kayaking, kitesurfing, paddleboarding and windsurfing as well. Top beaches of this island include Loblolly Bay, Cow Wreck Bay and Keel Point.
  2. The Baths National Park: Located in Virgin Gorda, this place is known for its big boulders, sea pools, grottoes and sand-bottom caves.
  3. Gorda Peak National Park: This National park is the perfect place to enjoy hiking activities. While exploring the park, you will see tree frogs, birds, bats, soldier crabs and the Virgin Gorda gecko.
  4. North Sound: It is a water sports center of the BVI. From parasailing, skiing, diving, windsurfing and trips to secluded beaches, you can do everything here.
  5. Cane Garden Bay: Surrounded by green hills, this beach is busy as cruise passengers, sailors, yachters, travellers and tourists come to soak up some sun and relax.
  6. Soper's Hole: This is an anchorage location for most ships and yachts. It is well connected to two residential areas of the BVI - Frenchman's Cay and the Soper's Hole Marina.
  7. Road Town: It is the commercial town of the BVI. Its waterfront area and its’ Marinestreet are packed with shops, restaurants and bars. The main attractions of the town are Dolphin Discovery Tortola, J.R. O'Neal Botanic Gardens, Virgin Islands Folk Museum and the Government House.
  8. Rhone National Marine Park: This is a shipwreck that has been declared as a national park. You can dive underwater and swim inside the coral-encrusted steel of the ship and see snappers, grunts, soldierfish and parrotfish.
  9. Sage Mountain National Park: The first national park of the BVI has 12 hiking trails and many varieties of trees includingphilodendrons, ferns, mahogany, cedar and Manilkara trees.
  10. Other Attractions: We highly recommend visitors to explore Peter Island, Norman Island and Sandy Cay.

Best Beaches, Hotels and Restaurants

Beaches: BVI attracts people who have a love for sailing and soaking in tranquil waters. Their beaches are absolutely pristine and outstanding. With 50+ islands and so many beaches, it becomes difficult to find the perfect one to relax and enjoy water sports. Here are the top beaches of BVI that you must visit:

  1. White Bay, Jost Van Dyke: It is the top party beach of BVI. It has the softest sand in the world as it is formed by fish eating the coral reef. It is also famous for a famous drink names Painkiller – a cocktail made of fruit juices and rum.
  2. The Baths – Virgin Gorda: This beach is surrounded by huge boulders. With hidden beaches and rock pools, it is also perfect for snorkeling and diving.
  3. Apple Bay Beach – Tortola: This beach is a paradise for surfers. As it is an undeveloped area, you will find peace and quiet during your short stay here.
  4. Cane Garden Bay – Tortola: Known as the jewel of the British Virgin Islands. It is covered in greenery with pristine blue waters and an amazing beach. It is perfect for swimming, snorkeling, sunbathing and relaxing.
  5. Smuggler’s Cove – Tortola: No beach bars or clubs. This beach is a serene location where you can find a quiet place to rest and relax.
  6. Other Beaches: Some of the top beaches include Little Dix Bay, Spring Bay, Savannah Bay,Cow Wreck Beach, Flamingo Pond, Loblolly Bay,Sandy Cay, Sandy Spit, Cane Garden Bay and Long Bay, just to name a few.

Hotels: The British Virgin Islands offer the perfect hotel choice for everyone. From luxurious to historic ones, you will find all sorts of hotel options here. Some of the top hotels include Mango Bay Resort, Anegada Beach Club, Sebastian's on the Beach, Peter Island Resort, Scrub Island Resort, Bitter End Yacht Club, Fort Recovery Beachfront Villa & Suites Hotel, Rosewood Little Dix Bay, Sugar Mill Hotel, Anegada Reef Hotel, Long Bay Beach Club, Fort Burt Hotel and The Mariner Inn Hotel among others.

Restaurants: From romantic dining, to outdoor setting, restaurants here offer all types of experiences to their visitors. Top restaurants where you can enjoy tasty and unique dishes and cocktails include Hog Heaven, The Wonky Dog, D'CoalPot BVI Restaurant Bar & Grill, Neptunes Treasure, Foxy's Taboo, Cooper Island Beach, Cooper Island Beach, Corsairs Beach Bar & Restaurant, Hendo's Hideout, Fat Virgin's Cafe, Capriccio di Mare, Chez Bamboo, Bitter End Yacht Club, Myett's Restaurant & Hotel and the French Deli, just to name a few.

Top Things to Do in the British Virgin Islands

  • Snorkeling: It is one of the most popular activities enjoyed by visitors and residents of the British Virgin Islands. People love to travel here and discover the unexplored underwater world full of marine flora and fauna. Top snorkel sites in the BVI are Cistern Point – West of Manchioneel Bay, Ginger’s Backside – North, The Baths, Norman Island, Rainbow Canyon – Pelican Island, Spy Glass Hill, Chromis Reef and Stern section of RMS Rhone in Salt Island.
  • Diving: The British Virgin Islands is now at the center of the world diving scene. From coral gardens, shipwrecks to seamounts, diving sites in the BVI are simply unimaginable. The top dive sites that we recommend to visit during your vacation here are Kodiak Queen, Mountain Point in Gorda, The Invisibles in Virgin Gorda, The Wreck of the RMS Rhone, Diamond Reef, Shark Point, Lee Bay, Towing Point, Monkey Point, Grand Central Station, Brewers Bay East, The Chimney, Bronco Billy (George Dog), Ledges/Dolphin Rocks (George Dog), Joe’s Cave (West Dog), The Flintstones (West Dog), Alice’s Backside / Ginger Patches, Ginger Steps, Alice In Wonderland, Devil’s Kitchen, Markoe Point, Wreck Alley, Cistern Point and The Wreck of the Chikuzen.
  • Fishing: When it comes to fishing, the British Virgin Islands never disappoints. It has won multiple game fishing records. You need a fishing permit before going on a fishing trip. On a fishing charter, you can catch mackerel, kingfish, Barracuda, bonefish, jacks, kingfish, tarpon, snapper, bonita, hardnose, blue marlin, white marlin, mahi-mahi, wahoo, sailfish, or tuna. Top places to fish are Anegada, Pelican Island, St John and West End, Jost Van Dyke, Guana Island and Brewers Bay to name a few.
  • Other Activities: The British Virgin Islands is a playground for outdoor enthusiasts. There are a number of water sports for your enjoyment. You can enjoy surfing, windsurfing, kayaking, paddleboarding, kiteboarding, flyboarding, sunbathing and more.

From breathtaking cays to delicious food, your trip will be nothing less than amazing. Chartering a luxury yacht or boat is one of the best ways to experience the British Virgin Islands. With Yachts Puerto Rico Charters, you can find the best vessel for you and your family and leave the rest up to us. From Anegada to The Baths and scuba diving to flyboarding, we can help you enjoy every bit of the British Virgin Islands. Go to our Luxury Fleet section and select the yacht that suits your budget and vacation needs. Then contact our charter expert to discuss your itinerary.