Cayo Icacos

Cayo Icacos - The Isolated but Beautiful Paradise of Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is famous for having an outstanding natural scenery. Located in Puerto Rico’s east coast, Cayo Icacos is the nearest island to Fajardo. You can easily reach here by catamaran or yacht aboard a private charter. With each passing mile from Fajardo, the water becomes more and more beautiful. Cayo lcacos is among some of the most stunning islands of the Caribbean ocean, which entices a large number of tourists around the world. White sand, perfect clear turquoise waters and pristine nature in a combination make for an ideal charter destination. If you want to experienceraw untouched nature, Cayo Icasos is a must visit for you.

The sites of Cayo Icasos are packed with several species of jacks, parrotfish, butterfly-fish, angelfish, barracudas and various other marine life. It makes for a great place to partake in diving for scuba lovers and snorkelers alike. It’s very popular among the locals, snorkelers, divers, nature-lovers and other sightseers. The climate of this island remains hot and humid throughout the year so there is no specific time to plan your trip. Ready? Let’s read more about accommodations, food choices and popular sites near the island.

Top Attractions of Cayo Icacos

When you are planning your trip to CayoIcasos, don’t forget to explore these main attractions:

  • Bioluminescent Bay: The shallow water here is surrounded by mangroves that light the water up with an ultramarine and emerald green illumination.
  • Bio Island: Located in Fajardo, the Bio Island leaves you in awe from its splendor. You will witness an eccentric phenomenon when you travel here at night. You will see thousands of plankton lighting up just like stars.
  • El Yunque Rain Forest: Wander in a forest of towering trees, wildflowers, tropical hardwoods, giant ferns and orchids. Covering approximately 28,000 acres this rainforest receives 200 inches of rain per year. The forest is the home to more than 400 different types of plant species. Prepared with waterfalls, rivers, stone towers, pavilions and a hiking trail, this is a must see for adventurers.

Popular Hotels and Restaurants

Hotels: Del Mar Eco Lodging Apartments, Rainforest Suites, The Resort at Coco Beach- a Hyatt affiliated hotel and El Hotelito at The Rainforest Experience Farm are some appropriate choices for your stay near this island. These are famous hotels that offer quality accommodation suitable for your needs.

Restaurants: Iguanas Cocina Puertorriquena, Las Vistas Cafe at Siete Mares Bay Inn, Kasavista Fajardo, Calizo Seafood Restaurant kiosko, La Estacion, El Varadero Seaside Grill, Las Vistas Cafe at Siete Mares Bay Inn, The Brass Cactus and Boardriders are a few popular restaurants that allow you to experience the wide range of seafood here.

Things to do at Cayo Icasos

  • Snorkeling: The Island welcomes you to partake in an unforgettable experience of snorkeling. Depending upon your level of experience, you can ask for guidance and explore the beautiful marine life.
  • Scuba Diving: If you are passionate about scuba diving or want to explore your love for diving, the island represents itself an ideal choice.

Plan Your Trip to Cayo Icasos Today!

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