Fishing is one of the most popular activities in Puerto Rico. Locals and tourists travel here to enjoy some peaceful time exploring the Puerto Rican waters. Puerto Rico is mostly known for its deep-sea excursions and fly-fishing trips. Fishing here is phenomenal, year round but if you want to participate in tournaments, travel to Puerto Rico in August or September. On any day, you can expect to catch blue marlin, billfish, yellowfin tuna, mahi-mahi, sailfish, mackerel, wahoo, dolphinfish, macao, snook, or tarpon. At Yachts Puerto Rico Charters, we provide private charters to assist fishing enthusiasts to try their angling skills in Puerto Rico for some big game fish. Our private vessels are available from major ports and marinas such as Fajardo and San Juan, they can be chartered for a half-day or full-day as well as multiple days. Our charters come equipped with fishing equipment, bait & tackle, crew, beverages, snacks, gourmet meals, luxurious accommodationand much more.

Best Places to Enjoy Fishing in Puerto Rico

  1. Whether you are a novice or experienced angler, Puerto Rico offers a wide range of fishing experiences for all levels.
  2. These are the best fishing spots in Puerto Rico - La Pared Beach in Luquillo, Toa Alta, Vieques, La Parguera, Joyuda, Palo Seco, Flamenco Beach, Isla de Cabra, Guajataca lake, Dos Bacos Lake, Tortuguero Lagoon, El Muelle, San Juan, Fajardo, Humacao and Mayaguez.
  3. The most popular places to enjoy fly fishing are Toro Negro Reserve and Casa Grande.

Fishing Seasons in Puerto Rico

  • June-November is considered as the blue marlin season. You can catch a blue marlin between 150-400 pounds. There is always a possibility for catching white marlin, longbill spearfish and sailfish.
  • Blackfin tuna and yellowfin tuna can be found year round. Tarpon can be caught in inshore waters from November to May.
  • There is a chance to catch Mahi Mahi on the south coast of Puerto Rico from February to May and on the north coast from November to December.
  • You can fish for wahoo, kingfish, barracuda and blackfin tuna from November to April.

At Yachts Puerto Rico Charters, we have experienced captains who know the waters off of Puerto Rico and can take you to the secret places where you can catch amazing fish species. Our professional crew provides you with instructions, world-class tackle, live bait, snacks and beverages during your fishing trip.

With our fully equipped fishing charters, you are sure to have a day full of fun, sun and fantastic fishing. Our yacht charters are available for family fishing excursions, for groups of friends, or even team building events. If you want to include snorkeling or other water activity in your fishing excursion, we can customize the charter to meet your needs. Contact our charter specialist to book your fishing charter in advance and rest assured that you will catch that trophy fish!