Puerto Rico is a stunning tropical destination in the Caribbean, it attracts a large number of tourists from all over the world. This beautiful island welcomes all types of travelers and gives them access to one of the most gorgeous places in the Caribbean. Surrounded by many pristine beaches, the island has so much to offer locals and tourists alike.

At Yachts Puerto Rico Charters, we work with our guests to turn their beach vacation into an unforgettable memory. We offer a wide range of yachts to help you explore the splendor of the waters in and around Puerto Rico. No matter what the occasion is and if you are coming here for the first time or 10th time, we will fine tune your charter to fit you and your group’s needs. Our services will surely give you a deeper glimpse into the island of Puerto Rico.

Here, the Destination Locations page gathers your attention to some of the most traveled and sought after locations in and around Puerto Rico, each having their own differing set of attractive qualities. Night life activities, water sports, culture, quaint towns, caves, islands, mountainous ranges and so much more, Puerto Rico truly has so much to offer travelers. Needless to say, Puerto Rico has so much to explore. Our Destination tab is an overview of all the best sights on the island and offer a variety of activities for planning your charter. Visit Puerto Rico and see for yourself, why it has been a popular attraction for years now.

Contact our Puerto Rico charter specialist today to start planning a trip of a life time.We would love to answer any questions you have about chartering to Puerto Rico or the US/ Spanish Virgin Islands.