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Puerto Rico is perfect for anyone who loves crystal-clear waters, beaches and a beautiful atmosphere. Puerto Rico makes is of the best choices among the islands of the Caribbean, enclosed with a dynamic culture, adventure, natural wonders, delicious cuisine, amazing beaches and much more.

Ensenada Honda, located in Culebra, Puerto Rico, is an attraction that fulfills the enthusiasm of discovery and exploration. If you want to enjoy a great yachting experience during your stay on the island, we definitely recommend you visiting Ensenada Honda. The turquoise waters are like none other and its’ sure to take your breath away. Ensenada Honda is Puerto Rico's largest inlet and town. Your stay here will surely amaze you. Take a look at what you can do to make your Puerto Rico trip more entertaining and satisfying.

Top Attractions of Ensenada Honda In Culebra:

  • Island of Culebrita: Visit Cluebrita Island to enjoy a relaxed atmosphere, calm waters, cool breeze, coral reef and various rocky viewpoints that surround the island. Take a long walk for sightseeing of Cluebrita lighthouse. All around the island there are viewing nesting spots of the sea turtles.
  • Range Of Beaches: There are so many reasons people visit Ensenada Honda. One reason is the range of beaches near here. Some of the most popular beaches near Ensenada Honda are Zoni Beach, Flamenco Beach, Carlos Rosario, Playa Tamarindo, Playa Melones, Brava Beach, Resaca Beach and Playa Tortuga.
  • Cultural, Art, Educational Festivals: Your stay at Ensenada Honda is incomplete if you miss being a part of some of the best festivals of Culebra. Rock music festivals, food festivals, art festivals, dance festivals and other events will surely give you a taste of their local culture. The festivals under various categories will definitely make you fall in love with Puerto Rico more so.

Best Hotels and Restaurants

Best Hotels: To ensure your trip is everything you hope it to be, you can book your stay in one of our luxury vessels or with some of the finest hotels in Ensenada. Loaded with world-class amenities, these hotels let you make the most of your visit. The hotels and guesthouses at Ensenada Honda boast hospitality. These are perfect for both families and groups.Villa Ensenada Honda, Club Seabourne, Hillbay View Villas, Country Family, Hotel Kokomo, Hillbay View Suites, Check-in Vieques Hotel, Check-in Vieques Hotel and Casa De Tortuga are some of the many hotels that have been known to deliver great customer experience, consistently.

Best Restaurants: Eat, drink and explore. You have access to a wide range of amazing cuisine in Ensenada Honda. For a promised great meal, book your table in any of the following restaurants - Dinghy Dock, Caracoles Restaurant, Mamacita's restaurant and Bar, D'licious Bake & Grill, La Cocina Del Navegante, Nina Island Cuisine, Susie's restaurant and Barbara Rosa's Restaurant, just to name a few.

Things to do in Ensenada Honda: If you are a nature lover Ensenada Honda has many things that will leave you speech less. Here are some of the best scenic spots in Ensenada Honda.

  • Sunsets at Ensenada Honda Bay: The sunsets here are among the most beautiful sunsets of the world. It will be a perfect way to end your days in Ensenada Honda.
  • Shopping At The Mini Market: From handmade jewelry to accessories, you can buy anything from the small yet beautiful market of this city. The market contains a few vendors who appeal to their customers by offering a wide range of handmade items.
  • Water Adventures: If you are an adventurous person, you have access to many water sports and activities to cater to your thrill seeking needs. The bay is great for swimming and the reef is full of marine life, to give you the ultimate snorkeling experience. The beachside area contains calm waters, white clean sands and a scenic beauty that makeEnsenada Honda simply beautiful.
  • Travel around the Island: You can rent a bike, car, jeep, golf cart and other vehicles to drive around the main island.

At Yachts Puerto Rico Charters we offer you a range of yacht options for your unforgettable charter to Ensenada Honda. We cater to any occasions such as; birthdays, family trips, anniversaries, bachelorette parties and any other occasion you can think of. Contact us today to start planning your charter itinerary to Ensenada Honda.