St. Barts

Saint Barthélemy, also known as St. Barts or St. Barths, is a glamorous destination that exudes pristine beauty, relaxed carefree vibes and Caribbean-European sophistication. St. Barts' amazing sandy beaches, rolling green hills, waterfront bistros, fine French restaurants, private luxury villas, reasonably famous nightclubs, and several water sports attract Puerto Ricans, Americans, Europeans and celebrities alike. If you are in Puerto Rico and planning to visit Saint Barthelemy, then you have two options: fly from San Juan or hop aboard our luxury yacht to reach this destination at your own pace and time. Below, we have collectively highlighted the best parts St. Barts.

Top Attractions of St. Barts

  • Gustavia: This is the capital city of St. Barts. This small harbour town is popular among tourists for its shopping and dining scene. You will find many boutiques, duty-free shops, restaurants and art galleries here. Once done with shopping and dining, visit Fort Gustave, Shell Beach, Fort Karl, Wall House Museum, Vieux Clocher and the St. Bartholomew's Anglican Episcopal Church.
  • Lorient: This is a charming village with a beautiful beach where you can enjoy surfing. Visit Lorient Church and Lorient Beach for some great swimming.
  • Corossol: It is named after the local women who create straw hats from palm folds. You can visit Inter Oceans Museum to view shell collections and Corrosol Beach to see how local fishermen work on a daily basis.
  • Nature Reserve of Saint-Barthélemy: This snorkeling site has five separate zones where divers and snorkelers can see turtles, eagle rays, reef sharks, corals, Kayali wreck, lobsters, conches and vast schools of tropical fish.
  • Festivals: St. Barts is a meeting place for many festivals. Attend St. Barts' Film Festival in April, St. Barts' Music Festival in January or its’ Carnival in February.
  • ÎleFrégate: It is an uninhabited cay, situated north of Saint Barthélemy. Established for preserving coral reefs, sea grass beds and marine creatures, visit this island for a wonderful snorkeling experience.
  • Île Toc Vers: It is another group of islands located in the north of St. Barts. Enjoy some relaxing time and explore the underwater world here.
  • La Tortueoul'Ecalle: This is a small rocky islet highest on the northern side of Saint Barthélemy. Visit this islet to see some unique and amazing marine animals and plants.

Best Beaches, Restaurants and Hotels in St. Barts

Beaches: St. Barts is a small island but has many beaches that have soft white sand, warm blue waters and amenities for relaxing and water sports. Nudity is prohibited in St. Barths, but it is not unusual to see people enjoying topless sunbathing. Shell Beach has been named so because numerous shells wash up to the shore. Located near Gustavia city, it hosts weekend festivals and helps you enjoy cliff-diving, food and cocktails by the sea. Grand Cul-de-Sac is the best place for windsurfers, kiteboarders and boaters. St. Jean Beach has two beaches separated by Eden Rock. It features many beachfront hotels and restaurants and is perfect for snorkeling. Flamand Beach is famous for rolling surf and offers great spots for relaxation and entertainment under shady palm trees. Other beaches are Gouverneur Beach, Saline Beachand Colombier Beach.

Hotels: When it comes to hotels, there are no big chain hotels here but mostly independently owned hotels and boutique hotels. Celebrities and tourists alike like to rent private villas for a luxurious experience. Some of the top hotels where you can stay during your vacation include Hotel Le Toiny, Le Barthelemy Hotel & Spa, Le Sereno Hotel, Manapany, Oyster Bay Beach Resort, The Westin Dawn Beach Resort & Spa, Coral Beach Club Villas & Marina, Princess Heights Hotel, Columbus Hotel, and Les Balconsd'Oyster Pond, among others. Private villas are Villa Palm Springs, Villa Om, Villa Amancaya, Villa Panama, Villa Escapade, Villa Black Pearl and Villa Milonga, just to name a few.

Restaurants: St. Barths boasts several high-end French and Creole restaurants. You will find some reservations-only restaurants here as well. The best places to eat in St. Barts are Bagatelle, Bartolomeo and The Guanahani, Black Ginger Thai Restaurant, Bonito, Eddy's, Francois Plantation, L’Espirit, L’ Isola, Le Ti St Barth and La Plage, among others. Some of the must-try dishes are Sautéed Chilean Sea Bass, Spiny Lobster Risotto, Tempura of Prawns, Crab guacamole, fried calamari, Tuna Tataki, the MahiMahi Filet with a Beure Blanc, etc.

Top Things to do in St. Barts

  • Swimming and Sunbathing: There are 22 beaches in St. Barts and all are blessed with pristine white sand and warm clear waters. These beaches are public and free. For sunbathing and swimming, visit these beaches - Shell beach, Gouverneur Beach, Saline Beach, Toiny Beach, Petit Cul de Sac Beach, Grand Cul de Sac Beach, Marigot Beach, Lorient Beach, St. Jean, Anse des Cayes Beach, Flamands Beach, Colombier Beach and Corrosol Beach.
  • Snorkeling and Diving: St. Barts is a part of the nature reserve, so you can find plenty of underwater sea life during your snorkeling and diving excursion. The waters surrounding St Barts are sheltered from the wind and waves, so you can feel safe from harsh waves while diving. Some of the best places to snorkel are Lorient beach, Petit de Anse, Colombier beach and Forchue Island. The most spectacular dive sites are Pain de Sucre, l'Ane Rouge, Colombier bay, Fourchue and Gustavia bay.
  • Nightlife: St. Barts is not the typically party destination but its capital city boasts a few clubs and bars. The most popular bar there is Le Select bar and discos include Le Feeling, Le Petit Club, Casa Nicky and Yacht Club.
  • Other Activities: If you are an adventurous person, you will thouroughly enjoy partaking in windsurfing, kitesurfing, deep Sea Fishing, beach volleyball, waterskiing and wakeboarding.

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