Flamenco Beach

Flamenco Beach is one of the most popular beaches of Puerto Rico, located in the Caribbean Island of Culebra. Its sacred beauty, uninhabited landscape, pristine blue waters and bright white sand make this beach a highly sought out location for visitors. It is such a beautiful place that words and photos cannot capture its vibrant beauty. The amazing Caribbean sun, beautiful year-around weather, still waves and the transparent water make for ideal locale for swimming, snorkeling, diving and other water activities. You can fly from any part of the world to Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport in Carolina, which is the closest airport to Flamenco.

Things to do in Flamenco Beach

  • Romantic Strolls: Flamenco's soft white sand and cool breezes from the sea will add romance to your long walks on the beach. The beach gets crowded during the holidays and summer months, while the winter season is less crowded and much more peaceful. The beach is 1.6km long, so you won't have any difficulty finding your own quiet spot in summers.
  • Diving and Snorkeling: Explore the coral reefs below the shallow waters. You may get to spot sea turtles, manta rays and tropic fish species like blue tang, wrasse, parrotfish, ghost crab, lobsters, stingrays and more.
  • Swimming: This beach is perfect for families. The shallow waters are ideal children to splash around in. There is a natural “toddler pool” at the right end of Flamenco. The waters are calm and the waves are gentle, so you and your family can have a great day here.
  • Military Tanks: There are two rusting M4 Sherman tanks on the beach. These tanks were left here by the US Navy in 1975.
  • Hiking: The horseshoe-shaped beach offers a great walking trail path. The surrounding area is rocky, providing hiking and tons of photography opportunities. The beach is bordered by the Culebra National Wildlife Refuge. If you’re lucky, a small hike to the end of the beach may help you see hawksbill or leatherback sea turtles.

Accommodation in Flamenco Beach

There are designated campgrounds just a few feet away from the water. The beach has all the amenities like showers, bathrooms, lifeguards, water tanks, etc. It is common that tourists spend months in these camps because of its accessibility. There are kiosks that sell food, beverages and beach accessories.

Nearby Beaches

  • Take a 10-15 min hike from the parking lot of Flamenco Beach to reach Carlos Rosario Beach. This beach is ideal for sunbathing and snorkeling.
  • Tamarindo Beach is rocky and is far less visited than its neighbouring beaches.
  • Take your kayak and reach Dakity and Soldier's Point during the sunset for some picturesque moments.
  • Brava Beach is not for the faint hearted as many tourists do not visit this beach. Surfing is rough here and swimming is not advisable because of the tough under current.
  • Hop onboard your private yacht to reach Resaca beach. It is similar to Brava Beach, so don't try swimming or snorkeling here but it does offer some stunning sites.
  • If you want to see multi-colored waters and varied marine creatures, then visit West beach.
  • Playa Tortuga is a stunning horseshoe-shaped bay that features an abandoned lighthouse, shallow pools and promontory.
  • Luis Peña Channel Natural Reserve is formed by Melones Beach and Carlos Rosario Beach. This reserve is filled with unique sea life and marine creatures of all types.

Hotels Near Flamenco Beach

From 3km to 40 km away, these hotels are located close to Flamenco Beach: Club Seabourne, Malecon House, El Blok Hotel, Hix Island House, Hacienda Tamarindo, Fajardo Inn, El Conquistador Resort, Casa Cielo Vista and Luquillo Sunrise Beach Inn just to name a few.

Restaurants Near Flamenco Beach

Zaco's Tacos, Krusty Krab, Dinghy Dock, Susie's restaurant, Tiki's Grill, Heather's, Blac Flamingo Coffee, Vibra Verde, Caracoles Restaurant, Harspoon’s Restaurant, Bambu Bbq, Nina Island Cuisine, La Cocina Del Navegante, Coconuts Pizza Bar & Grill, El Batey, Barbara Rosa's Restaurant and Sweet & Naughty among others.

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